Building Blocks: Key components for rope bondage

This is a hands on, 101 level rope bondage workshop. We will discuss safety and then dive right in to learning ties that can be built on to create complex bondage scenes. Like a chef learning great knife work early on, you can use the skills you learn in this class for years to come.

Things we will cover include, basic bondage safety, single column tie, double column tie, a basic chest harness, and extending rope that is too short.

Tying with Intention: Tell them without speaking

Now we take things up a notch.  You know how to tie a harness or a single column tie, now express your intention to your partner without actually telling them.  In this introductory level class you will learn techniques for non verbally communicating with your partner.  Mike will show you how to use the rope as a communication tool with your partner and give you exercises to keep your skills sharp.

Twisted Touch: An Introduction to Rope and Pressure Point Play

A painful push… a sensual touch… a playful poke.  There are a myriad ways to make physical contact with someone when playing with rope and so many fun, painful, stimulating, and erotic places to touch. Take your skills to the next level with this introduction to combining rope and pressure point play to intensify the bodily experience with your rope partners.

This beginner level class will cover safety, pressure point types, some pressure point locations, and techniques to incorporate them into the application and removal of rope as well as everything in between.

Suspension With a Stranger

Lets face it, pick up play isn’t always easy.  Its often filled with speed bumps and can lead to disappointment.  When you add in an edge play like suspension the likelihood of running into problems increases.

This will be a step by step instruction of a pick up suspension scene.  From negotiation to aftercare including coming up with a suspension plan and how to modify this plan when complications arise.  The instructor has never worked with this bottom before and will “thought bubble” the entire experience.

This class is targeted at novice to intermediate riggers who can get some people in the air but haven’t developed advanced troubleshooting skills yet.

Slow Burn Predicament Bondage

In this intro-intermediate level class we’ll explore the art of the Slow Burn. We’ll cover several predicaments and stress positions that are guaranteed to create a Slow Burn. Learning to create stress and predicaments that are ultimately unsustainable are the ultimate test of the body and mind of a willing partner (victim).

Learn to use everyday objects around your home in new ways that will leave your bottom shuddering every time they see them. This class will add to your arsenal giving you some excellent fire and forget weapons for any play scene. Basic knowledge of rope is preferred but not required.

Above the Ring: Rigging in a dungeon environment

Dungeon Rigging and Vertical Line Management

A suspension scene always starts the same way, setting up your hard point. Whether you use a ring, carabiners or a rigging plate, your setup always needs to be rigged up in a safe and effective manor. This class will cover the basics of doing that.

One of the biggest keys to a successful suspension scene is being able to efficiently manage your vertical haul lines. For flow and efficiency but most importantly – safety. If you don’t have a clear grasp of how to get your bottom in the air, there is no way you will be able to get them down quickly and safely if something goes wrong. We will be taking the bottom out of the equation to work on exactly those skills.

Bondage For a Beat Down: Rope bondage to facilitate impact play

Want to add a touch of rope bondage to your impact scenes but don’t want to spend massive amounts of time tying up your partner before you get to the beating? Then this is the class for you.

Rope bondage can be intimidating when you see skilled riggers taking lots of time to put hundreds of feet or rope on a bottom. In this class we will focus on some very simple ties that can be incorporate into your impact scenes as a restraint. We will cover how to tie someone to a cross, how to tie them up once they are already on a table, floor or against a wall. We will also cover the safety skills needed to do these ties in the context of a scene.

Not so sensual bondage

When someone mentions “sensation play” do you immediately think to yourself “pain is a sensation!” If you do, you are probably a sadist and this is the rope class for you.  The only connection we will be exploring is the connection between your bottom and the world of pain you are going to create.

We are going to take a look at the pain you can inflict with rope with position, compression and pressure points.

Play for performance

When the intention of your BDSM scene is to entertain other people it turns into a performance.  We will examine the differences between a scene meant for you and your partner and a performance that is intended to entertain a crowd, how you can have a connection with your performance partner but not get so wrapped up in it that it loses its punch as a performance.  Common pitfalls and mistakes that new performers often make will be discussed in an open environment.

Dont be that person:  Avoid having your name named in angry rants

Conventions can be full of etiquette pitfalls in the dungeon, classroom and everywhere in between.  This class will share tips on how to act in a proper manner that wont get you in trouble with all the degenerative perverts you will meet.

We will go over common scenarios and situations you are sure to encounter this weekend and at every kink convention you go to.  Through acting out scenarios and open discussion we will help you to avoid being “that person.”

If you saw this class description and thought “I don’t need that class” you probably REALLY need this class.

Multi Person Suspension

Suspending more than one person at once can be beautiful but it also comes with it’s own unique challenges. We will explore and discuss the theory, and technique for completing safe and successful multi-person suspension scenes. This class will include instructor led hands on drills, as well as demonstrations that will allow attendees to plan and execute their own multi person suspensions.


Forget The Dots, Connect The Lines: Building a Rope Scene

So you learned a few ties and found someone that wants to get tied up, what now? It’s time to connect the lines and build a rope scene.

In this workshop we will examine the idea of building a scene centered around rope bondage and the connection it can facilitate.  When you walk away you will be equipped with the skills of negotiation to get you and your partner on the same page, connective touch to make your scene flow, and how to plan it all out.

No Toy Bag Needed: An introduction to rough body play

There are many reasons to hurt someone without toys.  Whether you were traveling without a toybag, forgot to bring impact toys with you to a party or you just want to get close and physical.  In this hands on workshop we will explore punching, kicking, slapping and other ways to cause pain without lugging around a bunch of heavy toys.  You will learn a variety of techniques to deal out some physical punishment to your bottom in a satisfying manner.


Sexual Aggression and Dominance with Consent

Do you or your partner have a desire to get more aggression and dominance in the bedroom?  This workshop will provide a healthy place to start by teaching you negotiation, how to read body language and some hands on techniques.  We will dive deep into the psychology of asserting dominance over a partner and how to help them slip deeply into that feeling.